The Brand
Winnie Cheong is a local label under UP Boutique. Started by homegrown designer Winnie Cheong in 1981, we have been situated at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre since our humble beginnings. We have since been invited to fashion showcases, such as Fashion For A Social Cause 2017, and at Mandarin Hotel. Our current clientele comprises of mainly business executives and well-heeled females in their prime.

The design philosophy of Winnie Cheong is to equip women with fashion-forward pieces that are perfect for every occasion, ranging from Chinese New Year to business wear. Our designs embody the confidence, dynamism, and elegance of women in the modern society. Our pieces are catered to the modern women, with the perfect fittings, and light fabrics suited to warm weather. Lovingly designed and handmade in Singapore by Winnie Cheong herself, each piece is the epitome of style and comfort.
About The Designer
Winnie Cheong, the brains behind the designs, started learning about clothes designing and seaming at a tender age of 16. She trained under five masters, and adopted the best of their cuttings and designs, integrating them into her own style. Her deep understanding of the different body types has allowed her to come up with designs that are able to accentuate the best of each body type.

Priding herself on providing excellent customer service, Winnie Cheong is dedicated to forging close relationships with each and every customer.